New Dimensions

Sir Roger Pemrose - eminent Mathematician and Thinker met Tagore-Einstein Council and academics of Visva Bharati on 6th December 1997 at Santiniketan. His agreeing to join the World Council of Einstein Bhavana marks a new international dimension.

In August 1998 the first US Tagore Einstein Conference was organised at the University of Conneticut, USA. Prof. Dr. Dilip Kumar Sinha -Vice Chancellor of Visva Bharati, attends and opens this event, in which Scholars from diffe­rent parts of the US - including Prof. Dr. Roal Hoffman, Nobel Laureate 1986, Prof. Dr. Ro­bert Shaw and others participated.

In Germany, the Third International Tagore-Einstein Conference took place from 17* to 19* June, 1999. Sponsored by the Hein-rich Boell Foundation and the Hanns-Seidel Foundation more than hundred noted spe­cialists from different fields of studies be­longing to India, Pakistan, Japan, Bangla­desh, France, Italy, Canada, USA, Russia, Great Britain and other countries participa­ted in the lively discussion on the two the­mes "Fundamentalism versus Tolerance" and "Post-Nuclear Explosion Scenario in South Asia" in the Senate Hall of Humboldt University.

The Seminar on Foundation was inaugurated by H.H. The Dalai Lama.
(With two Members of TEC World Counsil, Prof. Sundip Tagore, Osaka
and Dr. Eva-Maria Hexamer, Berlin)

First Einstein Days were held at Einstein Bhavan, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, from 14th to 18th August, 2000, under the topic: "Internalization (atmasthikaran] of Know­ledge in Science and Humanity," The Keynote Address was presented by Kapila Vatsyayan, former Director Indira Gandhi National Institute of Fine Arts, New Delhi.

Mr. Herbert Fischer, former Ambassador and associate
of Mahatma Gandhi, talking to participants og the
Third Tagore-Einstein Coference

A World Council of Tagore-Einstein Bha­van - Tagore Einstein Foundation - was formed on this occasion and 71 members were appointed. On 25th August 2000, H.E. Ronen Sen, Ambassador of India to Germany, called distinguished scholars and personalities from Germany, appoin­ted into the "Tagore-Einstein World Coun­cil" and handed over the certificates.

German Members of Tagore-Einstein Council at Indian
Ambassadors Residence

The first meeting of the Standing Commit­tee on "Global Linkages between Visva Bha-rati and other Institutions" took place in Santiniketan in April 2001.

The second Einstein Days of Einstein Bhavan were held in March 2001 at Calcutta- Bose Institute. Inaugurated by Prof Meher Enge-neer, Nuclear Physicist, the topic of discus­sion was "Philosophy of Complexity".

Prof. Sunil Sen Gupta at Second Tagore-
Einstein Days, Calcutta