Tasks ahead

The Berlin Chapter of Tagore-Einstein Foundation is helping with the150th celebrations in Germany.

Maybe see:

INVITATION for May 1 and 8th, 2011 and seperately is organising the the next COUNCIL meeting end of August / beginning of September 2011 in Berlin, Gemany as we "celebrate" the other days of commemoration and late eulogy for Tagore.

Maybe also check this BLOG review from May 2011 about the celebrations in Berlin http://benkingnews.wordpress.com/2011/04/30/rabindranath-tagore-150-years-celebrations/

or write to the President or his secretary for a more personal briefing:

Sunil Sen Gupta sunil.sen@live.de

Heiner Benking heiner@tagore-einstein-council.de

Please come back for details ! and do not hesitate to contact us.